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A Word from Wayne


Indianapolis 500, 2014 


     The 98th Indianapolis 500, scheduled to be run on Sunday, May 25, 2014, at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, is advertised as being the premier racing event of the year.


     I was talking with Fred Bishop and he asked me if I was going to the races this year. I answered, “You know that I am. I can still see our group standing on the corner of Acapulco Joe's Mexican Restaurant on Saturday just off the parade route.” Then he said, “And you are probably going to keep going to the races for a while right? I replied, “You know me, Fred. I will keep going for a while.” He then said, “That’s what I thought, so I am giving you the Indy 500 outreach.”


     After I picked my jaw up off of the floor I accepted the challenge, but I know that it is an impossible task to take on by myself. Mike Saddler has agreed to help me organize the camps to keep it in the NGL tradition with strong leadership, Jim Evans has agreed to coach the clowns, and other key players are beginning to surface to the top in order to help us facilitate each camp with good leadership.


     Here is a quote that I have taken out of one of the outreach books that was given to us over the years from Fred. “This event is great in that it allows us the opportunities to use our basic training skills. We have the parade crowd on Saturday and the street crowd on Friday night and Saturday night and then the race crowd on Sunday. This event is a good place for new people to start in their outreach journey.”  


     This year we will also be able to stay at the Baptist camp with Pastor Eugene Simmons, our host pastor on Sunday night, so we can reach out to the crowd after the race is over for those that would like to remain until Monday morning.


     More information will be coming soon so keep your eyes open for one of the most exciting life-changing events coming up. With your help we can give them another encounter with Jesus that will rock their world.   


     God bless you,

     Wayne and the Okie Boys